Thursday, October 10, 2013

The South

Sometimes I forget that I was born a "Yankee" and other times....well other times I feel like I am living on another planet. It is crazy how different some things are between the north and the south. Let's do a little comparison, shall we?

In the south everyone says y'all. Now, I don't mind it...I have actually grown used to it and don't wince anymore when I hear it. However, I physically can not say it. I just cant. It comes out you all. Up north we said "Yinz" or you "you guys".

In the south everyone is all about some college football. You HAVE to pick a team. It is a rule. ESPECIALLY if you live in a state with rival teams. Georgia vs Georgia Tech, Alabama vs Auburn. Yes, both southern states I have lived in have been centered around these four schools. I gave in. Roll Tide!!! And go Dawgs unless they are going to effect Alabama in some way.

While we broach the subject of football, can we talk about attire? Up north I remember going to football games in jeans and coordinating team sweatshirts. Down here? You must wear a cute dress, fun shoes and matching accessories. To a football game. Fine. I will play your games. (It is a cuter look, after all. Who doesn't love fun elephant necklaces and cute houndstooth dresses.)

Up north when you sympathize with someone, you usually say something like "sorry" or "I understand." Down here? "Well bless your heart." I don't know why, you just do. I knew I made a turn for the south when I caught myself saying it a few months back. I have, after all, officially lived in the south longer than anywhere else.

Also, bless your heart can be taken as a way of politely insulting someone in the south. You see, most people think southerners are dumb but they can insult you and you don't even know. That takes some talent!

While we are on the topic of sayings, lets go over a few more that you will here around these parts:

Heavens to betsy (who is Betsy anyway?)
Slower than molasses
He ain't got a pot to pee in
Mad as a wet hen
I'm fixin' to do something
All y'all
Thank you kindly
Quit being ugly

Let's move on the beverages, shall we? In the northeast I drank pop, the Midwest I had a soda and down south everything is Coke. In any state south of Virginia you can order yourself a sweet tea without getting packets of sweet 'n lo shoved in your face with a side of an eye roll. I myself will drink tea either way. Nothing like a good sweet tea on a hot summer day...but it was an acquired taste that took some time to get used to! I honestly prefer my tea unsweetened, but don't let my southern neighbors know. I will be called a damn Yankee again!

There are some staples down here in the south when it comes to food. You have your okra, grits, and good ol' fashioned banana pudding. Now I have never had better banana pudding anywhere else! Okra and grits...I simply can not do! Something about each of their textures completely disgusts me. You will also find fried chicken at any get together. My favorite discovery has been something that my in-laws serve, pineapple casserole. Holy yum! I could eat an entire pan of it if I allowed myself to!

That my friends are a few difference I have noticed since residing south of the Mason Dixon. I am going to be honest, I have grown quiet fond of my new found southern ways.

Bless your hearts and happy Thursday!


  1. So guilty of all of these. I guess it's hard to escape if you have been raised in the south! I'm a little pleased that I am familiar with all of those sayings, ha ha.

    Plus, gotta have my sweet tea!

  2. I'm not sure why but I always thought the phrase "bless your heart" was condescending.

  3. Although I don't consider myself a yankee (I'm from Kansas) everyone in the south calls me one! Maybe I am though, because I agree with just about everything you listed! Except pop, I say pop :) I'll never forget the first time I saw the girls at a University of South Carolina football game all dressed up. I was in soffe shorts and a t-shirt, looked practically homeless compared to them!

  4. We make pineapple casserole up here. I love it! We also say soda in Philly, and here it's often "yous guys." You plural? Ugh.

  5. Texas is a special version of the South because we don't get as many cliches, which I am kind of bummed about. I don't have a college football team to cheer for, but I do say y'all. My husband is like you though - he refuses. Good call on the cokes. No matter what, it's all coke.

  6. Pineapple casserole?! I think I need that recipe!!!

  7. I am a Northern gal, (MN so wayyyy north) and I can agree with all of the differences that you said. However I have a total soft spot for the south. Besides having warm weather, I would love to live in a place where I could say all ya'll!

  8. This is the best summary of southernisms I think I've ever seen! Well done!


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