Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Five - The One With the View

1. The Views In My Neighborhood - So, I might have a 45 minute to an hour plus commute to work most days, but I get to wake up every morning and see mountains. So it is usually worth it.

That is from three different mornings! Look at that fog sitting in the valleys as the sun shines so brightly. Just beautiful. It is breathtaking every. single. morning. Don't even get me started on how wonderful the sunsets are. The way the pink and purple shades the mountains. I loved my downtown Atlanta skyline view when I lived there. But I get to breathe fresh air now and don't have to hear sirens all hours of the day.

2. Dinner with an old friend. I got to see one of my really good friends from college last night after work. He is in town this week for business. Nothing like spending a few hours catching up with an old friend and talking about the good ole college days!!

3. Football. I am ready for some football this weekend!!! Alabama plays Kentucky. Georgia plays Mizzou, and Florida plays LSWho. I equally hate FL and LSU but I hope FL beats LSWho!! Obviously, you know who my other choice teams are! Now let's play some ball! And be tempted to drink and eat bad food.

4. Cashews. They are an under rated nut. I love them. It had been my favorite snack this week! I might be a month behind on my magazine reading, but I love the LARGE fall issues that come out every year!

5. Hot chocolate. Need I say more? I have been enjoying this so much!!!

Linking up with Joy for the Friday Five! All the cool kids do it, so you should too! Every one have a wonderful weekend!!!

the Sowell life


  1. Yep. That view is pretty much worth it - every day.
    I'd love to live in the mountains.
    For 2 years, I pretty much gave up magazines all together {2 years of nursing school...}
    Since I've been out for um.. 5 months?? I think it's about time to get back into them magazines!!

    1. Two years with no magazines?!?! Girl you better get to a newsstand or bookstore ASAP and pick you up some glossy paged goodness!

  2. I was going to have hot chocolate last night, but went to bed instead.

    I'm way behind on magazines, that's on my to do list this weekend: catch up!

  3. Man, I am also behind on my magazine reading. I need to curl up with some hot chocolate and go to town!
    Love the morning drive you have. I had a long commute once, but it was all city - BORING! That is beautiful!
    Enjoy your football filled weekend!

  4. Oh I'm definitely have hot chocolate tomorrow morning. I forget about it — but there is nothing better on a cool crisp morning. And cashews... YUM. I need to get some in the pantry asap. LOVE the views. I can't wait for the leaves to start changing so I can enjoy looking at the mountain views of Oak Mountain! That's my favorite time of year!! Happy Friday Nadine! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating all things fall with the hubby! And thanks again for always rocking this link up!

  5. an hour and 45 minute communte??!?!!?!?!!! Nadine, OMG.

    But yes I love cashews too - especially in salads. Nonomnom.

  6. My commute is usually about 45 minutes too... with good traffic. I'm a farm girl driving to the city, haha. But I do not have mountain views. It's pretty flat around here. Those pictures are beautiful and I can only imagine how they must look in person! How is your commute in the mountains during winter? Do you get a lot of snow?

    And cashews are probably my favorite nut :) Mmmmm. I haven't had hot chocolate yet this season... I need to fix that...

  7. What a beautiful view you wake up to! It's amazing. your photographs are beautiful! I love cashews, but they don't love me.

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