Thursday, October 17, 2013

If I Ruled the World

Have you ever sat and thought about what would happen if you ruled the world? I don't know why, but I was thinking about this the other day as I was sitting on the interstate, in traffic of course!

If I ruled the world...

We would have 4 day work weeks. Welcome to the weekend, Friday!

There would be separate lanes for 18-wheelers and regular cars. I have had too many close calls to count and I don't want my obituary to read "Death by 18-wheeler." Just because you drive a big ass truck, doesn't mean you don't have to look before you change lanes!

The government wouldn't shut down because they cant get along.

People would stop playing the "race card" because people are people no matter the color of skin.

Holidays would become days to celebrate and spend time with family again. I love Black Friday like no other, but employees shouldn't have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Whatever happened to old traditions?

The guilty would be properly punished. None of this get off on good behavior bullshit. Eye for an eye, bitches. Speaking of an eye for an eye......Animal cruelty would be treated much like an eye for an eye.

All doggies and kitties would have homes. There would be no kill shelters.

Everyone would have a job. I am all for government assistance when someone loses a job. However, you eventually need to go back to work! No one should have a free ride at the expensive of others that work hard. Nothing pisses me off more than people that cheat the system.

Speaking of the system. If you are on government assistance, you shouldn't be eating better than someone who isn't! You should get vouchers for only necessities like bread, milk, eggs, etc. You shouldn't be able to purchase sodas, candy, and other garbage. Also, you should be given drug tests and if you test positive for something, you loose your assistance. AND if you are asking for money then you cant afford alcohol or cigarettes. Period.

There would be no cancer. Sometimes I feel like with all the technology and treatments out there....someone is holding back to make money on pharmaceuticals or something. I would make sure that a cure is found and all the research and money put towards it is being used properly.

Stupidity and ignorance would be punishable. (haha)

Starbucks would cost less. $5 for a PSL. It is ridiculous!!!! (Even if I do indulge now and then.)

Medical and dental bills wouldn't be so outrageous!  I wouldn't allow doctors to be persuaded by drug companies to prescribe their medicine over another that might be better for that patient just because they are getting kick backs.

Restaurants would have to start serving real food. None of this pink mystery meat and overly processed garbage.

Restaurants would also have a section for 21 and up to sit. I cant stand listening to kids screaming and running around in a nice restaurant while I am trying to enjoy my food and company.

All school systems would be good. Just because you live in a certain area doesn't mean you don't deserve the finest education if you are willing to work for it.

Everyone would be required to work in either the service industry or retail at some point in their life to appreciate how to act like a human in public and treat others with respect.

There would be no parking fees. Anywhere. That is just stupid.

All of my favorite shows would come back from the 80's and 90's.

Gas prices would go down.

There would never be an monopoly in a certain type of market. (That means you cable and internet companies.)

And that is just a few things I would change!


  1. hahaha that quote!!! it's SO true or it would be a bunch of countries being nice to each other but then talk shit about them behind their back!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. This post is proof that sitting in traffic inititates great ideas. Loved this!

  3. Can I live in your world? I will vote for you to be the ruler! I especially agree with the Starbucks rule, $5 is just unacceptable!

  4. Yes, yes, to everything listed! Esp. about all doggies and kitties having homes. It breaks my heart to see strays or sad animals at shelters. I love that last quote, too. It's so true!!

  5. I'm all for a four day work week... but even better would be inverting the current work schedule... work for two days, off for five. I mean nothing would get done, but in a perfect world... it would all work out! I also like the idea of stupidity being punishable, hehehe. Okay, basically yes to everything you mention here. Let's make this world happen!

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