Friday, October 18, 2013


When I think Five...two things pop in my head. The restaurant Five in Birmingham that I am currently boycotting because they no longer have their Shrimp Queso that I am obsessed with and the band Five. Please don't even pretend like you didn't get your dancing groove on when you heard "When the Lights Go Out" or my favorite "Slam Dunk Da Funk."

Five bad boys with the power to rock you
Blowing your mind so you gotta get into
Five, whatcha waiting four if you wanna
Three (three)
Two (two)
One let's do it
Do  you remember they featured that song in the movie Smart House. I loved that movie! That house was awesome, until shit started to get weird. Maybe I don't want my house to be a huge computer.

Anywho, it is Friday, and on Fridays we link up with Joy for the Friday Five! Speaking of Joy, she just announced that her and her Mr are having a girl!!! I couldn't be more excited for them.

1. Halloween is just around the corner. While I hate all things scary, gory and freaky....I do love two classic Halloween movies.

So all you weirdos have fun watching scary movies and peeing your pants at haunted houses. I will be over here keeping it Disney and sleeping at night.

2. Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese chips. Holy yum. Not only were they delicious, but they made my house smell like fall heaven when they were cooking. Go ahead and splurge, they are only around for the season! (They are Pillsbury brake and bake kind.)

3. Mac - Seriously. Look at those ears. He is starting to look homeless again. Time to cut his hair!

4. It is hard to believe, but I have officially been a resident of the South for 15 years, AKA half my life! My family moved to Georgia in October of 1998. Let the fact that 1998 was 15 years ago sink in. Feeling old yet?

5. We have been making tacos a lot lately. What do you like to serve with yours? I use extra lean ground beef, black beans, sour cream, Mexican blend cheese, jalapeños, taco bell mild sauce and a soft flour wrap. I serve it with my Spanish Brown Rice. Devine.

the Sowell life


  1. i hate scary movies! they scare the crap outta me and i'm 37yrs old how sad is that?

    i like serving pico de gallo with my tacos - so yummy!

    happy friday!!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. oh no you didn't just say Slam Dunk da Funk... OMG!! bahahaha! I used to listen to that on REPEAT all the time! they were my FAVORITE! well, other than NSYNC, BSB, Hanson, etc... lol. you seriously rock for that. (and so many other reasons, too!)

  3. I loved 5ive, haha! And I heard their around-the-same-time counterparts BBMak at the bookstore of my school yesterday which really threw me!

    We make fajitas more often than tacos so we saute bell peppers and red onion and then cook chicken and just add a little cheese and some guacamole. Or if we are feeling like having veggies, we will sub out the chicken for mushrooms. Yum, one of my favorites!

  4. YAY for being in the SOUTH for 15 years!! Whoop Whoop! And thanks for the shout out for Miss Avery Claire. We have been blessed with the outpouring of love and congrats. And I love those two movies you mentioned... however I do not do scary movies. I like Practical Magic, too. TACOS... now I know what I want to eat. Is it too early for tacos this morning? Ha!

    Happy Friday, and thanks for linking up!! Y'all have a fun weekend!!

  5. Cream cheese chips are a thing? I need to go find these! And thinking that 1998 was 15 years ago DOES make me feel old! I always think the last decade was the 90's!

  6. Ummm this post pretty much had me drooling. First, shrimp queso....!? Holy yum! Then the cookies, with cream cheese chips, I have never heard of such a wonderful thing! Then the thought of tacos! And I totally agree with your movie choices, I loved Smart House, and no matter my age Hocus Pocus will always be the best!

  7. Those cookies look so good! We love having taco nights at our house. We sometimes make both tacos and nachos or just serve with rice like you or corn. So yummy.

    I love the non-scary Halloween movies too. Agree with both on your list as being favs! I also really like Ernest Scared Stupid and the Garfield Halloween special. :)

  8. I LOVED that movie Smart House. I wish I could watch it again, I'm sure I would think it was dumb lol. Hocus Pocus is a must during the Halloween season, but I am one of those weirdos you spoke of who loves scary things. Definitely trying those cookies this weekend...cream cheese chips? Hell yes.

  9. SMART HOUSE! Such a solid movie and soundtrack :] Non-scary halloween movies are the only way to go. I binge eat tacos like it's nobody's business. I eat them everyday in every way!

  10. Holy childhood flashback! I loved the Smart House movie as a kid (although Halloweentown was my go-to Halloween movie). I've never tried any other flavors of the Pillbury cookie rolls, and I can only imagine how good yours smelled.


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