Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five-The Traffic Edition

Linking up with my girl Joy today for the Friday Five!

the Sowell life

I have been sitting in traffic a lot lately. Only in Birmingham would they shut down an entire section of an interstate to do repairs instead of lane by lane. I mean seriously? I lived in Atlanta for 13 years, so I know all about some traffic. Dear Lord, if you don't have NOT live in Atlanta. It will take you an hour to go 8 miles on a good day, trust me...I know!

However, this is Birmingham...what the crap! The only traffic I should be seeing is the drive thru at the Whataburger, am I right?

Here are my top 5 things to do in traffic. (No judgement!)

1. Sing in the car

Any give day you may see me looking like this...

Or maybe like this....
(I is all about the props people!)

2. Twitter and Facebook trolling

This says nothing about checking social media, so don't look at me like that! But seriously, it is when I am stopped. When else am I going to tweet?

3. People watch

Luckily I have tinted windows, so I don't actually look like know...because you can't see me :)

4. Road Rage

Maybe this should have been number one on my list. There are a LOT of dumb people on the roads. Seriously, why haven't we learned how to merge yet. If you do something really dumb, you may get a look like this...

Or if I was really crazy, it would be this!

5. Deep conversations with myself

Whatever, don't pretend like you aren't talking to yourself in the car! Sometimes if I talk something out in my head, I figure out a solution or I get over something that upset me. It is therapy for free!

That my friends is my Friday Five this week!


  1. HAHAHAHA!!! I love this! And yes, this is what I do in the vehicle, too! Except I'm usually yelling at the people who can't drive, or let 10 people butt in front of them. That really ticks me off!!! Thanks for linking up! And Happy Friday!

  2. hahahaha the deep conversations with oneself is totally me! Thank goodness I have tinted windows so no one thinks I'm insane lol


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