Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Things First

Linking up with Halie, Joanna and Kaitlyn for another week of First Things First!

First thing I would do/buy if you won the lottery

If I won the lottery, I would pay off my student loans, then buy our dream home. It wouldn't be something completely ridiculous, but something really nice that we would have forever! I would put some money in to savings, and donate some.  I would also want to take a really nice vacation with Chris, we never got a honeymoon.

First person I call when I get amazing news

Either my husband or my mom.

First thing I do when I've had a bad day

If I am at work, I grab a diet coke and  gchat or text my husband. After I vent, I try to forget about it and move on. No use letting a bad day run my life! Oh, and a snuggle from my Puggle always helps! 


  1. bah, Gracie! I love her!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Oooh "a snuggle from my puggle" just sounds so cute! And you should definitely take a nice vacation, especially since you didn't get a honeymoon girl!

  3. Puppy snuggles always help.

  4. OH MY!!! I'm loving that picture of you and Gracie!!!

  5. Everyone wants to pay off student loans. Those darn things! I'm right there with you.

    Your dog is precious. :)


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