Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Its OK... be super late getting a post up today. be longing for a new cell phone case because that is the reason I wanted to go back to iPhone, but so in love with the one I have now that I don't really want to change it. have had a Diet Coke nearly every day this week. I was doing so good being clean...but every day around 3:00pm, something hits and I want a Diet Coke or a Diet Dr Pepper STAT! Next week, I need to cut this crap again! (You week...not today!) dream about going to the beach. Why is everyone on spring break and I have to be an adult? hate getting gas...and my oil changed in my car. be totally excited to spend an entire day next week with my mom and my sister! be really confused every day this week getting dressed. Is it going to be sunny and warm, raining with severe weather or a chance of sleet. Only in the south east can all of these happen in the same week. randomly be in your closet and realize half the stuff hanging you haven't worn in years, yet you still let it hang anyways. dream about all the fun decorating ideas you see on Pinterest every day, spend hours pinning things, and yet nothing is decorated in your house yet. I just can't make a decision!

...that I feel totally accomplished and very adult like that the toilet in our master bathroom was fixed this weekend. be scared to join a spin class with my co-workers because I need to get in shape before I take a class with other people I have to work with. I don't want them seeing my weaknesses! be totally confused about what kind of running shoes to buy. I think I need to go to one of those specialty stores where they watch you walk/run and tell you what to get. look at Essie nail polish for 5 minutes and not come away with any because they are all so pretty that you couldn't decide on one so you gave up. Twice. 


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