Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Five-To the sweet tunes of 311

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Linking up with Joy for the Friday Five!

It's Friday!!! Yay!

1. Guest Bathroom - This is the first room that I am done "decorating" in our house. Now if only I could make decisions on the rest of the house. We have lived here since June.

2. CocoPPa - This app I have stumbled upon is amazing! You can change your wallpaper on your phone, and have super cute looking apps! I think I know what I will be doing for half the day today!!!

3. Laughing Cow - I am loving this Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese for 35 calories. I have been spreading it over Triscuits as a snack this week and yum yum.

4.  Diet Coke - You and I have a love hate relationship. Unfortunately for you, we are breaking up again. I went almost a year without you...and all of a sudden you keep creeping in my mind around 3:00pm every day. You are full of nasty, artificial garbage that my body does not like. I love you, but you must go.  So sorry. (Unless I am eating at a sit down Mexican restaurant, I think it is illegal to consume enchilladas and tortillas and salsa without you.)

5. All Mixed Up - In honor of our weather this week (the 70's this past weekend, severe storms with some tornado watches on Monday, below freezing temps Wednesday night, and sleet last night it got me thinking of a great song of the 90's. All Mixed Up 311. Your welcome.

I wore yoga pants


  1. I love laughing cow light.

    Your bathroom looks great!

  2. OKay, I've never tried laughing cow... maybe I should! And yes, I have the same relationship with Diet Pepsi... however I don't see it ever leaving me anytime soon. =) Loving the bathroom... good job! Can't wait to see the rest of the house! And this new app... I must check it out!

  3. I love the laughing cow cheeses!! And your bathroom looks so cute! I love it! :) Have a great weekend!


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