Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

Dear Monday',

How I loathe thee, let me count the ways:

You are the end of a weekend.

First day back to work.

Usually the worst day for after work traffic during the week.

And the number one reason? Because without a doubt, the ending and beginning of every week look like this:
Friday / Monday

Maybe next Friday I will learn?

So how was your weekend?

You may notice things are looking a little different around these parts. I am trying to learn how to make my blog look better! Hope you like it.

Friday night Chris and I had a sushi date night with our friend Adam. I love sushi, and soup and salad, and what better way to enjoy that than in the company of your friends!

Saturday we had a double date with one of Chris's co-workers and his wife. I was super nervous because Chris told me Friday night that it would depend on whether his wife liked me or not to as if we would have a new set of couple friends, which we so desperately need! Yeah, thanks babe...put it all on me! I hate rejection, so I was a little nervous. We met up for dinner at the local watering hole, and we were there for like 5 hours, so I would say that is pretty successful. What sealed the deal, her requesting me as a friend on Facebook afterwards! You know, because Facebook is the ultimate say so for everything in life.

Sunday, Chris and I acted like old people grown ups for once. We woke up early and headed up to good old Atalla, Alabama for a HUGE flea market that occurs every Sunday. We were not quite sure what to expect, and when we got there...we realized that small town people have nothing better to do with their weekends. This place was PACKED OUT! I am pretty sure that everyone from the town gathers there every Sunday. You could find anything and everything at this place. Livestock, socks, antiques, Alabama/Auburn gear, food, toys, and everything else under the sun. They even had roosters. Chris was pretty set on getting one, I told him our neighbors would kill us. What in the world would we do with a rooster??

Then, our dogs received baths, they were stinking!

Here are some pictures after their said baths. Mac is a bit dramatic, he acted like it was a form of animal cruelty or something. He rant to sit on "daddy's" lap afterwards, giving me the evil eye every 2 seconds.

This is Gracie watching Mac giving me the evil looks and rolling her eyes at him. 

Oh, and randomly....on our way to Atalla for the flea market, we passed a grocery store. Now I am not quite sure what this grocery store offers as far as merchandise goes, but this is the name:

Coincidence or purposely thought out? Hmmm....I am pretty sure I am not buying anything at this place.

We watched the Super Bowl last night along with the rest of 'Merica! I was so uninterested in both teams as I only care about the Steelers and the Falcons, but I was super excited to see the commercials and the half time show. My favorite commercial was, hands down, the Budweiser commercial! Talk about bringing some tears to a girls eyes. When he sees his horse in the rear view mirror of his truck and they run towards each other, ahhhh just amazing! Not to mention the great choice of song to go along with it.

Beyonce was amazing. I really enjoyed the performance because it was classy. I loved last years half time show as well, but I was not a fan of the middle finger. I took that as F U America. And, as much as I loved the JT Janet performace, I could have done without the classy boob action. It is the super bowl, let's keep it classy folks! I think Beyonce did amazing, and I need to call her up and see if I can come work out with her! Hello hot bod! Even though her outfit was sort of reveiling, she made it looks classy and looked amazing in it! 

I am proud to say there was no alcohol consumed during the watching of the Super Bowl last night. That is why I said we acted like grown ups on Sunday :P

In other news, I was listening to my awesome 90's music this morning on my way to work. Something clicked in my head. Who remembers the awesomeness that was All That? 
All That!

Remember all the amazing musical talent they had on that show too? Oh, and good ol' Kenan and Kel!

I sent this to one of my guy friends from college once. He was notorious for dating preschoolers. 
Who loves orange soda?

And that, my friends, is all I have for you today! I hope that everyone gets through Monday quickly and with as less pain as possible! Have a wonderful week!


  1. I miss All that all the time. What an awesome show. kids these days just have crap!! and those dogs are too cute!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend!! YES! That Budweiser commercial was the best one of the night! Loved it! I was pulling for the Ravens so that made me happy! And I wish I would have known about that flea market... I think I would have enjoyed it. The Mr, probably not so much. HA! Yes, it's Monday... and I think I just rolled my eyes too many times after rereading that yes, it is a MONDAY! Ugh! Oh well, let's make the best of it!


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