Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Sorry this post is much later than usual. I was busy at the dentist this morning. I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday. Drat! I have been avoiding losing my smart teeth for a long time. However, all that wisdom is hurting my mouth real bad! I guess it is possible to have too much awesome in a small space.

I am not much use today with all my pain and such, so I am trolling Pinterest like it's my job and I am getting paid.

I love nothing more than texts from the dog!! I can read these for hours!I hope you do too, because this post is full of them! You're welcome. I may let Gracie and Mac take over my blog while I have surgery on Friday. I wonder what sort of stuff they will make up tell about me?!

Dog Text
dog text message
Dog Text-Cone
Dog texts
Dog text
Dog Texting Knock Knock Joke
Dog texting his owner
dog text 6
best of dog texts
If dogs texted
Dog texting owner
Dog Texts
Dog texts :D
Dog texting

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  1. I LOVE texts from dog. It makes me wish Charlie could text sooo bad! Some scientist needs to get on that ASAP


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