Thursday, September 19, 2013


So today's Blogtember post is supposed to be a creative writing sample. I like to read fiction, not write I am skipping ahead to the next topic.

React to this term: comfort

When I hear the word comfort, so many thoughts rush to my mind. To me comfort means:

- Spending time with family
-a hug
-Nike shorts and a tshirt (which is what you will ALWAYS find me in if I am at home...or yoga pants if it is super cold)
- cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, duh!)
-the sound of snow falling
-the sound of rain while sleeping
-a cozy fireplace
-potato soup
-a snuggle from my furbabies
-mac & cheese
-a cup of coffee and a good book
-a hoodie
-a lazy Sunday
-a day full of TV and movies
-instrumental Christmas music
-a warm blanket
-the smell of fresh laundry
--a cool pillow
-fall scented candles

What does comfort mean to you?


  1. coffee, a warm blanket, snuggling with my family, hot tea, a fireplace, warm boots!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Coffee, lounge attire, laying with my dogs, reading a book, being at home with nowhere to go, sitting on the beach, road trips with my MFD, being with my framily

  3. Have I ever mentioned we are basically the same person living on opposite side of the country? If not...consider this my mention of it.

  4. watching movies, and eating popcorn = perfection

  5. Yes to everything on your list! And I really like that you mentioned the sound of rain while sleeping, I thought it was just me :D


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