Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans Brought to You by the Letter B

As in Beer.

Well hello there Monday, we meet yet again. Why can't Friday come as quickly as you?

If you follow me on the Instagram...then you have probably already seen these pictures so sorry. If you don't...shame on you! Get to following me there...and on the rest of the social media outlets, duh!

We can skip over Friday, nothing too exciting there.

Saturday we headed out to World of Beer. We joined the loyalty program, of course. Why haven't we done it sooner I don't know! I got the Wells Banana Bread Beer. It was super super yummy. That other beer behind it was Evil Twin Yang. It had grapefruit notes in it.

I also had to hit up one of my favorites, Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear Cider. If you haven't tried this, you don't really know what you are missing out on. Amazing. If you don't like the taste of normal beers, you should really give this a try. It hardly has any beer flavor at all, it is more like a wine.

After a few hours at WOB, we headed over to the Macaroni Grill to meet up with some friends for dinner. Many bottles of wine were ordered, and I had the Salad Sampler. The perfect menu item for indecisive people such as myself! When in doubt, order all three! And so I did.

There had to be some drawing on the table. Obvi.

I don't usually order desert...but sometimes you deserve a treat. You know, after all that beer and wine. The cheesecake was delicious.

Overall Saturday was Fabulous and Unforgettable! 

Sunday morning we hung around the house and started watching Vampire Diaries, the show isn't that bad. We had to start something, we are completely caught up on Pretty Little Liars! 

Gracie decided to show us her best statue pose. Do you get any more wise and dignified looking? I think not.


Sunday afternoon we headed to Bargain Hunt with my sister in law, as usual. We also had lunch at Chuy's and hit up a few other stores. Chris and I did our weekly food planning and grocery shopping. And that is pretty much all she wrote! Back to Monday!

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  1. That salad sampler looks so yummy! And the dessert!
    Hope you have a good week!

  2. The Blackberry Pear Cider sounds like something I would like! I'll have to find it to try! Such a cute photo of Gracie!

  3. I love Vampire Diaries.

    Salad sampler is an excellent idea.

  4. I'll take that salad sampler and cheesecake for lunch please. You don't mind delivering it, right? Ha! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend!! I'm ready for another one!

  5. LOL at Gracie. Saint does something similar at times. I'll have to try that Fox Cider. I go through phases where I prefer beer and phases where I prefer wine.

  6. I need to join you on your weekend outings stat!

  7. OMG Banana bread beer?!?!!?!? Yes. Please. I love blackberry anything, so I bet that beer was delicious. I used to go to Macaroni Grill often but I have not been in forever. I had no clue they had a salad sampler, I love that idea. And yes, you definitely deserved a dessert after a long day of beer and wine drinking! ;)


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