Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I am Loving

It's Wednesday? This week is going by pretty fast, so fast I let Tuesday get away from me! 

I am loving:

This dress that I bought at JCPenney for $15.

The Jade Boutique in Trussville, super cute stuff and reasonable prices!! I checked it out this past weekend with my mom and sister and have added some stuff to my wish list.
Anti-bac lotion from Kate Somerville. I went 2 weeks without it and paid for it big time. It is amazing how much better my skin looks when I use this product, I will never let myself run out again. Ever! If you have problems with break outs, do not walk but RUN to your nearest Sephora and get you some of this!

My Fitbit One. money ever spent. I am constantly trying to hit my daily goals with this thing. It says things like smooches Nadine, I like you and way to I don't hate the encouragement either. It also made me realize how little I walk around the office at my new job compared to the last one! I miss having the printer on the other side of the building, who would have thought! I was averaging 4,000 more steps/day at my last job so I am going to have to do a lot more moving around after work apparently!

Cherries! Yum yum yummy! How I love nothing more than a nice fresh bowl of juicy, perfectly ripe cherries. I am hoping the price per pound drops soon, as I would like these in my life daily!

What are you loving today?


  1. I don't usually care for stripes, but I like that dress!

  2. Cute dress, what a steal!

    I love ripe cherries ON SALE.


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