Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

This is day 3 for the blog every day in May link up and I find today's topic interesting....things that make me uncomfortable. We all get in situations where we aren't quite sure what to do, say, how to stand...etc. Maybe you are shy and get uncomfortable in crowds. Whatever the reason...sometimes it is entertaining! Here we go!

I get uncomfortable when...

I am in a group of people that I do not really know and things go silent. I feel the need to fill the silence, but don't quite know what to say?

I am in a public restroom and someone is chatting on the phone while in a stall. Really? This couldn't wait or you couldn't call back after you go #2? 

If I can't quite tell if the person I am speaking to is a guy or a girl on the phone. I don't know whether to say yes man or yes sir.

If I am at the vet with my dogs and they start having accidents in the waiting area or on the table. You went #1 and #2 at least seven times each before we walked inside...and now you are crapping all over the floor? You are lucky you are both cute!

Stepping on the scale at the doctors office. Don't give me that judgy look little wannabe nurse girl, I know I need to hit the gym two times a day OK..gosh! 

I see a "rape van" in the parking lot. I instantly start remembering Law and Order SVU episodes and it isn't pretty thoughts!

Clowns. Just no.

My stomach growls in a meeting or when it is quiet in general and the people next to my office can probably hear. 

I meet someone and I am not quite sure what to say because of their body language or a sour look on their face. Smile, it won't kill you. 

Hiccups. Why do they have to happen at the worst times? 

I tell a joke and no one laughs. 

Someone asks me a question that I know the answer to, but I am thrown off when they ask and can't think straight. Pull yourself together, Nadine!

I have something in my teeth, or I notice someone else has something in their teeth. I wish you would have told me, and I want to tell you but I don't know how to bring it up?! What is the proper  protocol on this?

Couples who fight in public, or in front of me? Why do you have to do this? Keep it private for your sake and mine!

A co-worker is being fired, or even yelled at. I just want to go hug them...even if I don't particularly care for them.

Someone I don't even know discloses way too much personal information or a super sad story...I don't really know how to react or what to say?

There are about 1,000 other times that I get uncomfortable because I am awkward in general...but these are the things that popped in my head during the post! What makes you uncomfortable? 


  1. OH I completely agree with all of these!! We must be sisters, right?!

  2. "rape vans"= hahaha Funny that it's a rape van? NO, but it is funny that you call it a "rape van". And I feel like I'm awkward too. Was just talking to a friend about this yesterday regarding "blates". Great post!

  3. I totally get the weigh in one! I sometimes avoid going to the doctor just for this reason!

  4. As a cashier, I deal with those people who tell you a lot of personal information/their life story, or they the customer who is behind/in front of them in line. It's especially awkward you have to listen as part of your job!


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