Thursday, April 18, 2013

When I Grow Up

I love the idea of this link up!!! I am still trying to figure some things out for when I grow up...even though I am going to be 30 this year...I haven't quite gotten my crap together yet! 

According to MASH, I am supposed to be living in a mansion, driving a fancy car, have 4 children and be married to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Hmmm....not quite. Though, I am married to a pretty amazing man and we have a beautiful home...but it's not a mansion. 

So when I grow up....

I will have a room for a closet

A really pretty, fancy kitchen

With a pantry that looks like this
gorgeous pantry

An outdoor space that looked like this
Yep, I'll take it! Gorgeous back yard!
Custom Copper Hot Tub with recycled barn board.. Coolest Hot Tub Ever!!!

A tub with a view

A glorious bathroom
Yes, please!

A bedroom fit for the princess that I am 

A vacation home here

and here

I would throw lavishing parties for all my friends
Gorgeous centerpiece and floating candles - warm & wonderful glow!    Photography by, Design and Production by

I would have an amazing job like Lauren Conrad  or Jessica Simpson with my own fashion collection

I would drive around in a big fancy car

I would let my children wear these clothes to go shopping

I would have enough free time and money to really help places like this
My dogs would have a place like this

I will always believe in fairy tales like these

Yup, I can't wait til I grow up! Life is looking pretty good :) 


  1. That picture of the dogs is funny! My dogs would never go for that because the pool is too much like a B-A-T-H.

    I would like to have a closet that is a small room, so we could turn it into a secret movie room/den.

  2. YES a vacation or vacation homes. that would be justtt great!!

  3. Outdoor kitchens are the best!! Love love that bedroom and closet! I too envy Lauren Conrad!!

  4. Ahhhhh.... and when you have all of this when you grow up... I'll be your live in maid and cook, and Terry can be the yard boy! =)

  5. Ok well I'm glad I'm friends with you now so that when MASH comes true I can enjoy all the goods with you ;-)

  6. Age doesn't really matter much in “putting your crap together”. Just as long as you don’t stop. :) And please don't. I would love to know when you're able to build these spaces for your home, especially the outdoor spaces. I actually want the same kitchen. The masonry is amazing! -->Angelina

    1. I love all of these spaces!!! One day!


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