Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's OK...

Its Ok Thursdays

Doing something I haven't done in awhile and linking up with Amber for It's OK Thursday!

It's OK...

...that I have the anxiety level of a 5 year old today about the bad weather that is going to be coming our way. I have my reasons, and will be doing a post about it later this month. 

...that because of said anxiety, I have refreshed James Spann's weather blog only 100 times since I got to work! plan a girls lunch with a few of my co-workers on a spurr of the moment thing and chose a place that I know I am going to eat bad at. Sorry I'm not sorry! have been so busy this week I plum forgot to post on Tuesday! My bad! have double my dose of caffeine today which totally helps my anxiety be ready for pollen season to be over with even though it just started. not care about washing my car the next few weeks because thanks to said pollen, there is no point! still be getting used to my new hair color even though I had it done Saturday. It is a dramatic difference and I am loving what it is doing for my skin color. I still just have to look twice in the mirror to make sure its me! be wishing that I was at home with my dogs right this second! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday. One more day, we can do it!!!

Also, to all my blogger friends in careful and stay weather alert! If you need updates, just ask me. I am in the constant know due to my obsessing and anxiety. 



  1. The tornado that went through Kemper County was dangerously close to my grandfathers house. His neighbors are in the emergency room right now. =( I'm freaking out! But, I'm also curious.... what color is your hair?! Did I miss something?!!

  2. Seriously what is up with the weather this "spring"? We are still getting snow up here- horrible!!

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