Monday, April 8, 2013

Coffee and Conversation: Spring Break

Linking up with Lauren and Kalyn for another week of coffee and conversation!

What is your best/fondest memory of Easter or Spring Break?

Coffee & Conversation

First off, I want to start with what happened to Spring Break? Why do adults not get one? I vote we look in to this a bit further and make it happen people!!!

For the most part, my spring breaks just meant a week home hanging out during the day. Sometimes my mom would take off and take us shopping and stuff like that. We didn't really go on vacation for spring breaks. 

My favorite spring break was the year that we lived in Georgia and went to Pennsylvania to visit my grandmother before she passed away. I always loved going there to visit because she was the person that I missed most when we moved away. We celebrated Easter with her, visited our old church, went shopping and just enjoyed hanging out with her in the evenings. My mom and I always stayed up real late with her and we would talk about anything and everything. 


  1. I totally agree! Can't grown ups have Spring Break too?!

  2. Totally agree -- adults need spring break!!

  3. Nadine, my favorite spring break was going to Mexico on a mission trip with a group from my college. where in PA did your grandma live/did you live?
    hope you're having a great day!
    new follower :)

  4. Completely agree adults need a spring break too! Whomp whomp :(


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