Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Good morning, everyone. So remember that time when we had spring break? Yeah...I want that back. Why don't adults get a spring break every year? You know...just a week to relax and enjoy the changing of seasons? I believe it would strongly increase work production and employee moral. Let's put this into action, k? 

So lets review the weekend, shall we? Friday night after work, we helped a friend move. Then we came home, and I was in bed by 10:00pm. I am so cool, I know. 

Saturday was super productive. The dogs spent most of the day outside soaking up the sun. I cleaned the entire house when I first woke up. Then I cleaned the interior and vacuumed my car. It was so much fun not really so I decided to surprise Chris, and do his car too. Then he came outside, and we washed the exterior of both of our cars. There were layers upon layers of dirt and grime on mine. I think we washed each side no less than 5 times before we could see the true color and shine. Whoopsy. Gotta keep up with that better! 

We then decided that the weather was just to  pretty to not go sit on a patio somewhere and eat fattening food and consume beverages. We headed over to Billy's and did just that. We were probably there a good 3-4 hours. Then we came home and let the dogs back out. My allergies were starting to get to me, so we came inside and just opened a window. 

This is what followed. 

Once Gracie realized the window as well, she literally tried to jump inside. This is what we can't have nice things. 

We closed the windows, and headed down stairs to the basement. Ultra Music Fest was this weekend in Miami. Since I am not cool enough to be able to hang at one of these things for 3 days straight, we decided to pull it up on our projector and watch it. Between the large picture and our surround sound downstairs, it was like we were there. You know...minus the drugs and sweaty hippies. Best. Night. Ever.

Sunday Chris and his dad went out and bought a new toilet for our master bathroom. We have officially waved the white flag at the piece of crap toilet the builders installed in our house, and got the creme de la creme Kohler toilet. It is nice to have all 3 bathrooms again! Chris got his windows tinted yesterday, and I hope to have mine done next weekend or sometime REAL soon. If you live in the Birmingham area, Shane from Tint One does an amazing job! He comes out to your house and everything. Hit him up. I meal planned for the week and did some grocery shopping, as well. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!


  1. Gracie looks so miserable in that picture!

    I think we should not only have spring break for adults, but have 4 slightly longer work days with 3-day weekends. Employees would have much more positive /*attitudes if they had just one extra day to themselves.

    (My puppy is trying to lick the keyboard and mouse while I type, so please forgive any typos in this comment)02222222222222222222222222222222

  2. You are so fancy with your projector screen! Love it! Also, YES to adult spring break. We are the ones who actually need it anyway.


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