Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sorry, I'm NOT sorry!!!

Linking it up with Staci to say, I'm sorry I'm not sorry!!!! Staci is freaking hilarious and you have to go check her out, just make sure you don't sing songs about her mom....she's not sorry to go crazy on you for it!

I am sorry that I am not sorry about my road rage tendencies. There are truly some idiots out there, and if you don't understand the laws of the road (written and the ones that go without being said) then you don't need to be driving...ever. Or parking for that matter. Good grief have I seen some messed up parking. If that lot is full, and you can't park your boat....go to the end to take up two spaces. Don't be taking up 3 spaces in the front near the store when it is pouring outside, your car will most likely end up keyed! Not by me, I just like to leave you parking tickets. My favorites include "Parking isn't your thing, stick to drive thrus." "This parking job violates the law...of physics." "Go to a mechanic, your steering's off." "Maybe a GPS system would have helped you find the middle of this parking spot."

I am not sorry that I post a thousand pictures of my dogs on my blog. They are freaking adorable and I love them more than most get over it! You can't tell me that this face doesn't make you laugh!
Photo: One really happy dog lol

Or that this doesn't make your black, cold heart smile with warm tinglies.

I am not sorry that I blast my 90's and early 2000's music more often than not. I can't help that the boy bands and B Spears are way better than anything current!

I am not sorry that I have tolerance for ridiculousness.

I am not sorry that I am old and go to bed most nights well before 10:00pm. My life is happier without the 10 o'clock news anyways.

I am not sorry that I do not like grits or okra. I was raised in the north, and we didn't have that sort of stuff there. That shiz is nasty, and no it is not because I haven't had it "fixed"'s because I don't like it!!! The texture alone is enough to gag me, thanks.


  1. Amen to the dogs pictures and 90s music! And no matter how many dog pictures you post, it's probably not as many as some people post of their kids. Seriously, we don't need to see 10 pictures of kids standing in the same spot, hardly moving between pictures.

  2. The ONLY thing I listen to is 90s music. And sometimes One Direction. Also, yea. Early bedtimes are awesome. I like living the senior citizen life.

    I like okra but I am not a big grits fan. And I was born & raised in Georgia. So I give you my blessing on that one.

  3. Grits and okra are so gross! I'm a yankee turned southerner too... I'm pretty sure most southern 'specials' are pretty gross!

  4. I have the same road rage problems! And okra is actually the nastiest thing ever! Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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