Friday, November 30, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

So...last night I decided that I MUST at least get the Christmas tree put together! After I got home from work, I got dinner started, and headed down to the garage to get the tree parts out of the box. We have a pre-lit rotating Christmas tree, so while some assembly is required, it shouldn't be too entirely difficult, right?


I get the base put together, then the rest of the tree just goes together pretty quick and easy. Now it is time to plug all the lights up. I started at the bottom and work my way up, carefully finding where they all need to go. I have 2 "male" lights left...and no "lady" outlets to put them in. Well...crap!

So....I start back at the base of the tree and start looking and looking, I spend a good 25 minutes trying to figure out where these 2 strays belong. Where be your mate, yo? EVERY year I always have at least 1 or 2 that I can no figure out. I don't understand why?!?!?

Chris comes upstairs, calls me retarded and says that I do the same thing every year :( Well, duh! I already knew that! He figures it out in under 5 minutes. HMPH! Whatever!

At this point, I have no more energy to put the ornaments up, and feel completely dumb that I wasn't able to figure it out! At least we have a tree up! Maybe this weekend I will work on the ornaments and get it together. Picture to come!

Am I the only one that has trouble putting together a tree or stringing the lights?

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