Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Its Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Ok that....

  1. I am attempting to do my first link up, and I am certain that I am not doing it right! Someone want to give me some advice?
  2. I may or may not have cut the same person off twice on my way to work this morning. Hey...don't go slow, speed up, then go slow again....that's why you got cut off the first time!
  3. I had 2 cups of coffee this morning.
  4. I wore some type of gray/black three times this week, sue me!
  5. I am having salad for lunch to be healthy, yet some how I have had 5 Reese Miniatures before 10:00am this morning.  
  6. I have so many difference places to be on Saturday, I may go no where at all! (Doubtful, just wanted to say it to sound like a bad ass!)
  7. I talked to one of my best friends from high school/college last night and realized that we haven't actually seen each other since January 2010?! What? Ok we need to get together ASAP!
  8. I keep "touching up" my nail polish on my toes instead of starting fresh, for 2 months. 
  9. I don't have any followers and am writing for myself. 
Hopefully I will get a hang of this blog thing soon enough! I love readying others, so much so that I was inspired to start my own. Even if I don't have anything interesting to say, it is still pretty dope! (Is dope still a thing? I think not....whoopsy!)

It's almost Friday people, get it!

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  1. haha! The worst part is when you cut someone off and they are going to the same place as you! talk about awkward! I'm a bit new to blogging as well...I was going to follow you, but I couldn't find out how...add google friend connect to your gadgets! You can email me if you need help :-) Also, let me know when you do so I can follow!!


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