Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Wish List

Christmas is a lot closer than I think I realize, and I have yet to buy the first present this year! So unlike me, normally I am half done!

What is on your Christmas Wish List this year? Well other than world peace, a new president, better economy....you know...stuff that someone can actually purchase for you!

Here is my wish list!

1. A Coach Wallet (I am a purse snob, I only carry Coach purses. I have 2 coach wristlets, but no wallet. First world problems, right?)

2. Comfy Casual Black Boots (Gray would be nice too, and um hello...that purple is gorg!)

3. North Face Black Denali Jacket

4. Color Patent Leather Coach Handbag - I need something with some color :)

5. Perfume - I am almost out of my favorite!

6. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Am I the only girl on the planet that does not have this? Love!

7. Contour Palette - Again, was I left out of this too?

8. Flats - I have no cute winter shoes right now that I can stand to wear for more than 5 minutes. A few I put on in my closet, and they don't ever make it out because they hurt just stepping in to them!

9. Cute sweater

10. Anything from our Bed Bath and Beyond Registry!!! Or gift cards! I love to shop and SO do not think that a gift card is a generic gift for me because retail therapy is the best gift ever!

For some reason, I am in the mood for shopping now!

Happy Tuesday!

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