Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who is Nadine Lynn?

Since you have stumbled across my blog, you may wonder who I am? I am Nadine Lynn. (duh!) Seriously though, my name is Nadine and I am 29 years old. To give you a little background...

Where am I from? I hate when I read a blog, and I don't know where the person is from. Why does this bother me? Who knows! I was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and lived there until I was 11. We then moved to Wright City, Missouri where I attended Warrrenton and Wright City schools from 6th grade until mid 10th grade, when we moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia. I graduated high school from Collins Hill, class of 2001. I then attended college at the University of West Georgia, graduated with my BBA in Real Estate in 2005. After graduation, I moved to Atlanta and worked in residential property management for several years in Buckhead and downtown Atlanta until 2010. In January 2010 I met and fell in love with Chris :). By February we were engaged and I decided that I would start looking for a job in Alabama. August 1, 2010 I moved to Birmingham, Alabama and started saying Roll Tide Roll!!!! (In the south, you MUST pick a team.)

So what does any of that mean, nothing I suppose! (Hey you wanted to know who I am.)

Chris and I have 2 wonderful dogs who are my furbabies and I love dearly. We have Gracie, a 6 year old Puggle (pug/beagle.) Gracie is the sweetest, most loyal dog on the planet. Then there is Mac, our 2 year old Maltipoo (maltese/poodle) who is as crazy and sweet as can be!

Well, that is me!

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